Donating plants to save mother Earth

Donation Goal For This Project is Rs.100000
Raised Rs.1000
1% Donated
Rs.99000 To Go

Planting trees is a cost-effective way to tackle urban air pollution, which is a growing problem for many cities.

we donate plants free of cost to all citizens who wants to put their hands unitedly and save our environment, these plants will be collected by forests and near by plant nursery in a reduced costs.

we educate people on the problems faced due to lack of trees and pollution and motivate people to plant the trees and water them on regular basis.

We focus on planting trees where the social and environmental impact on local people is greatest

As everyone within an urban area breathes the same air, the pollution does not discriminate – both rich and poor are exposed to the dangers. But, it adds, people living near the source or busy roads are more exposed and more affected.

how plants make a difference to our environment:

1. Plants reduce pollution by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air and giving off oxygen – just what we need to survive! This is called photosynthesis.

2. If your garden has edible plants that you can eat, it means that you don’t have to shop at the supermarket as much! Sometimes food at the supermarket has traveled very far to get there, using up a lot of energy. Eating food that has been grown in your garden helps cut down on this.

3. Plants help remove chemicals and bacteria from water in the ground.

4. For wildlife, plants can be both their food source and home! Lots of plants give animals, insects and reptiles more places to hide from predators.

5. Trees and plants absorb sound and help with noise pollution’s. For people who live near a motorway or railway, planting trees can prevent some of the noise from roads and trains disturbing homes.