Donating Food For Birds

Donation Goal For This Project is RS.20000
Raised RS.1260000
6300% Donated
RS.-1240000 To Go

Due to the concrete buildings and high rise buildings birds face very difficult situations to find their food.

Now here is your opportunity to make sure that your favorite charity can serve up the very best bird food. we motivate the citizens to place the food in their terraces and birds can come and feed on it.

A dehydrated bird dies so fast that there is little time that someone gets to rescue them or treat them. So if more and more people can at least make water available to the birds, we can prevent the birds from getting into sudden heat shocks and dying.

Birds get least attention from the vets, animal hospitals and even people in general. The animals people are closest to are dogs, so shelters also focus mostly on dogs. So it is important for people to realise that a bit of water and a handful of grains can go a long way in conserving the birds in and around our living space