Sheetal Surana


We believe that Change begins from self which surely creates a difference in coming Era.” Here, We are with a very innovative concept to make a difference the beauty of our Mother Earth and avoid the decline in the coming years by various means.

Nature World was formed in the year 2012 on may 11by Sheetal Surana by just taking up a challenge with her college friends that she will create a pathway to her dreams, and later it took a real wider shape where she believed in making a difference in protecting nature and adding value to our future generation by maintaining our culture endorsed with our core values and not totally influenced by Western Culture.

We are a Social Entrepreneurship firm where we take steps to spread awareness on wildlife conservation and educate people on the same through various specified programs all over the globe and process in a specified way unlike any NGo’s
Our vision is to create a Magic in the World of Wild and collaborate with like-minded people.